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a brief introduction to the band

Buckshot is a Dutch four-piece band that has been around since December 1995. Buckshot has been working the national and some international stages ever since. Starting life as a backing band for a Bulgarian guitarist living in the Dutch town of Bergeijk, they soon decided that they would be better off as a 4-piece band. Instead of writing their own material, they quickly gathered some classic rock songs and built their set list from there. Some of the first songs they rehearsed were "Rock And Roll" by Led Zeppelin and "Hush" by Deep Purple. These songs still make it to the live set these days.

In the years since, Buckshot have performed as a warming-up act for Dutch bands of wide variety. Always bringing enthusiasm to the stage, no 2 gigs they play are the same. The band never rests and always aims for more, playing until they drop.

This approach to playing live has given them the opportunity to play on the Super Rally 1998 in Lommel, Belgium. It was there that first contact with friends in England was made, leading to a 10-day tour in the south of England with fellow Bergeijk-based band Sequoyah in the following year. This was the tour that gave Buckshot their first self penned song, "Down In Devon",  named after the county they toured.

In October 2000 the band returned to England, together with Sequoyah, for another tour.
Playing 7 gigs, it was an even greater success than the 1999 tour. Especially the gig in The Cooperage in Plymouth was a highlight in the band's career.
In June 2001 the band did another short tour in England with Sequoyah. Needless to say it was memorable as always.

Early 2002 saw Buckshot going through a line-up change, with founder member Han Ernest leaving the band and being replaced by veteran guitarist Jan Jansen, with our trusty roadie Ramon filling in some extra guitar bits here and there.
A year later the decision is made to go back to the 4-piece format, which meant having to part on-stage company with Ramon.

Late 2005 left Buckshot without a guitarist yet again, when JJ unexpectedly decided to leave the band. Within a few weeks the band had found a more than suitable replacement in John Sesink, who now is Buckshot's leading axe man.

And then in 2015 something happened... Buckshot were asked to pay tribute to Queen on the Live Aid In De Kempen festival in August 2015. Playing the exact set - with some extras thrown in-  that Queen played in 1985, Buckshot were lucky enough to have the help of a young musical genius by the name of Dennis Jansen. Dennis decided to stay with the band after the festival and from September 2015 Buckshot are a 5-piece band again. Call it Buckshot Mark V, if you want.

In November 2019, after much thought and reluctance, John announced his departure from the band. With the band's 25th anniversary looming ahead, the only decent thing to do was to look back at the band's history and how it all started. So... After nearly 18 years Buckshot are incredibly happy and proud to welcome Han back into the band.

To this day Buckshot continue to add new and exciting songs to their song list, which is a collection of band-favourites. The band's policy, concerning songs, is If We Don't Like It, We Don't Play It.

So be sure to catch them soon, to experience a Buckshot-filled evening for yourself.
And so it is written. Now come and listen.

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Nederlandse bio
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Han - lead guitar, backing vocals, Gibson killer

Giel - talking, lead vocals, more talking, cowbell and even more talking

Ruud - drums, occasional lead vocal and backing vocals

Dennis - keyboards, guitar, percussion, dancing and backing vocals

Hainy - bass guitars, sometimes backing vocals and iPod

Buckshot alumni:

John - lead and stunt guitars, backing vocals, premium bananas and books
(thanks for all the laughs, great playing and inspiration.)

Ramon - best friend of the band and retired roadie
(thanks for your help over the years mate.)

Jan - our second guitarist and master of the echo-unit
(thanks for your inspiration and musical guidance.)