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    1 December 2002

Thought we had disappeared off the face of the earth ? Not yet, friends, not yet.

As some of you may know, I (Ruud, the drummer) am going to move to the UK at the end of this year, which means that I won't be able to be with the band for the next 3 months and possibly forever. The band will not cease to exist though, I would not want that to happen, but will keep working on new material and will possibly do some acoustic gigs in smokey café's whilst I am Down In Devon.

But before I leave, the band will be playing at the "Open Herd Festival" in Bladel on the 8th of December, so
if you want to see the full band on stage one more time... be there ! You might even hear some new songs, that
we have been working on these past few weeks.

I have also taken the time to add a new batch of pictures from the recent UK mini-tour. Be sure to check them out.

Cheers, m'dears !
Until the next time,

    28 September 2002

We proudly announce the confirmed UK-dates for late October this year. You'll find them on the gig page.

Also, the band played a low profile private gig at Jan's sister's birthday yesterday. It gave the band a good
opportunity to reveal some of the new songs that we have been working on, in preparation for the upcoming
trip to England. Needless to say it went down just fine.

Until the next time.



    17 August 2002

"Down in Devon... again..."

Great news to report:
A short series of gigs (4) in Devon, England are scheduled for late October. The first gig will be on Thursday 24 October, with the last one on Sunday 27 October. As soon as we have official word on the venues you'll find it on the gig page.

See you soon,


    2 August 2002

"We're all going on a.... summer holiday"

Ultra-short news:
"Goodbye and Hello"-gig photo's available on: ((Thanks to Walter for reminding me).
Not much news to report, other than the fact that chances for a short series of Devon-gigs in late October are looking better and better. Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but it's looking very promising. Stay tuned !

Until the next time,


    6 July 2002

"Keep yourself alive"

Just a quick update from the band.
After a hugely successful "Goodbye and Hello" in Café De Bel in May, the band has been working
hard on brushing up the songs that have been in the live set for ages. Some bit the dust in the course of that process, others shine like never before. We are also proud to announce new additions to the song list and are looking forward to doing some gigs in he near future. Best news of all is the fact that there might be another short series of gigs in our beloved Devon, England somewhere in October. Fingers crossed for that ! As always: keep your eyes on the gig page.

Until then,
Cheers for now and all the best to all of ya.


    25 April 2002

"Goodbye and Hello"

Buckshot will say Goodbye to Han and Hello to Jan on Friday, 31 May 2002.
The gig will take place in Café De Bel in Valkenswaard. Everyone's invited and please,
do bring a friend.
See you there !

Until then,
Cheerio and all the best to you.


    18 April 2002

"Don't Stop The Music"

Buckshot proudly presents.... the new Buckshot !

Over the past few weeks we have been trying out several guitarists and have decided to take on Jan
as our new main axe man. Jan impressed us with his ability to shine new light on some of the songs that we've
played for ages and brings a new sound to Buckshot: The Fender Stratocaster ! Joy oh joy !
Apart from Jan, rumour has it that our loyal roadie Ramon will also show his guitar-abilities on some of the
songs that would miss "Ye Olde Gibson Les Paul"-treatment. This matter needs further investigation...
Jan and Ramon will be properly introduced in the next few weeks, when we have done some field-research and have read their criminal records.

Until then,
Cheerio and all the best to you.


    4 April 2002

"It's been a long time since we rock and rolled"

This opening phrase from the Led Zeppelin song "Rock and Roll" has never seemed more appropriate than
at this very moment. The new year hasn't started off as well as we had hoped and anticipated it would.
In early January 2002 Han announced that he could no longer combine his busy work in his restaurant
with the regular band practices and decided to leave Buckshot. After some reconsideration he left the band
in February, after having started work on some new songs that we thought were working really well, which
has left us without a guitar player.

At this time we are trying to recruit a new lead guitarist, that will be able to keep the Buckshot groove going.
We have tried out a few and things look promising, but we haven't made any decisions yet. You never know
who might walk into the rehearsal room next. (What is Ritchie Blackmore up to, these days ?)

Me, Giel and Hainy regret Han's quite sudden decision, but wish him all the best of luck with his restaurant
and his future musical ventures. There is a possibility of a "Fare-well to Han" type of gig sometime in May.
Nothing has been planned yet, but please keep your eye on this page and the gig-page for any breaking news.

We hope to present our new guitarist sometime in May, the name will be announced as soon as we have
made our decision.

Until then,
Cheerio and all the best to you.


    6 December 2001

So you think it has been kind of quiet around the band, eh ? Well, you thought well, but
things are about to change...

After a well-earned rest during which the boys in the band went on holiday, visited concerts themselves,
took a bath and changed underwear and even got married, the band have changed their rehearsal room
and are now practicing in Eersel (NL). This has everything to do with the fact that Han has recently taken 
over a petit restaurant (or chip shop, or whatever you fancy calling a petit restaurant). 
The band did their regular band practice on the Wednesday-evenings in Valkenswaard (NL). But because of 
Han's busy business on that very same evening the band was forced to find another day on which to work 
on their repertoire. And thus we ended up on the Monday-evening in Eersel.
Personally, living in Valkenswaard myself, I preferred the old place but who am I to complain ?

So, with a new rehearsal room at hand we have started to select some interesting new material to work
on and it is all working out quite well. We expect to be able to play some of the new stuff at the beginning
of the new year. No gigs have been booked yet, but we are working on that ! Keep your eyes on the gig page for more information.

With the Christmas-season rapidly approaching the band will go into hiding (and eating and drinking) again between Christmas and somewhere after New Year. But fear not: we will be back.

I would like to take this opportunity to, on behalf of the entire band and their loved ones, wish everybody a very happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year, 2002. Hopefully we will see all of you again soon at our gigs !
Take care, cheers and till the next time.
Bye... and cheerio-o-o-ohhh


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