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Mad Cows - Heavy, Loud and Drinking Dutch rockers with 'our' Han on guitars

Yabba Dabba Dudes- Another rock band featuring Han

SQY - Dutch rockers and hard working blokes

Fogerty's Revival - The band of Ramon, our former roady from ye olde Han and Jan days

Lie Big - A highly original rocking band led by an English friend living in the Dutch city of Leiden (Cheers Ade)

Nine Stones Close - A progressive rock project, led by Adrian Jones (of Lie Big fame)

Haze - A progressive rock band from Sheffield, UK. An old favourite of Ruud



Studio Luijten Duidelijk - A recording studio run by Carlo, a friend of the band.

Centrum voor Pop- en Jazzonderwijs - My best buddy Frank teaches guitar at this private musical school.
                                                                If some of his great talent rubs off on his students, this would be a very very very musical country.

Harley Davidson Club Weert - The original weirdos from Weert and bloody good fun blokes as well.
                                                    (If you need to get rid of your wooden dance floor: give them a call)

Monkeyman - Our booking agency. Contact them if you are interested in booking our band. Check them out for various other artists and bands too.

Da Burning Needle- The excellent Tattoo Leon from Almere. Thanks for the witch, the gothic girl, the dragon and the ladielien.

Peet's Place - Great artwork by Peet Ribbers.